We all want those beautiful fades, but sometimes it takes some work to get there. These are a pair of COF Studio 16 oz jeans that have been worn since Aug 2017.
Each raw jean takes on its own character by the wearer.  A raw jean starts out stiff and uncomfortable, but after you wear them in they mold and shape to your body and age to your lifestyle.  I will be honest it's dreadful at first when slipping into a stiff and rigid jean, but when you get past the initial break in (only a couple of days)  they become yours forever. There is no replacement to a jean that you aged because it really tells its own story. Even if you buy the exact same jean it will come out different from the last, unless of course you repeat exactly the same movements and steps in life, but we all know that is not possible.  We love fades "Yes!" but the struggle is real and the benefits, well.. you get to make a piece of art by just wearing it. It's like buying and shaping a new baseball glove or a pair of leather boots and you wear them to the point of no return. After all that we all know its impossible to part from them so we do our best to repair them so they can live on!
If you want to try out a new raw jean come down and talk to us at the shop, we will be more then willing to help you find the right fit and if you just want to talk denim come join us!

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