About Still Here - Q&A with owner Sonia Mosseri

About the brand: 

Still Here is a contemporary denim brand based out of NYC. It is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Sonia and Maurice Mosseri. In 2008, the couple invested their wedding gift money into the first production of Still Here denim, in hopes that the brand would take off. How cute is that?! Sonia Mosseri realized that there was a sudden change in the everyday uniform of women world-wide. Denim had become a daily staple for women in all walks of life.

As a Fine-Arts major, Sonia brought her talent for painting to vintage denim to create Still Here's now signature back painted stripes. The designs immediately drew attention online and led Sonia to create Still Here's first vintage style fit — the Tate.


The denim is produced in Los Angeles, California. They are very proud to be producing in America. The proximity allows them to work closely with their factory technicians to make the jean production process more eco-conscious. During production, Still Here uses 60% less water than other typical wash processes. All chemicals used in the washing process are PH neutral and disposed of responsibly. 

Most of the jeans are made with deadstock denim from LA. All other styles are produced in partnership with mills who work exclusively with BCI Certified Cotton. Still Here only makes jeans made up of 100% cotton. They choose not to use synthetic fibers. 

Still Here’s values lie with sophisticated washes, vintage yet modern fits, and novel embellishments. They hope to bring a novelty and consciousness to this seasoned industry by working with artisan processes and sustainable partners.


Q & A with Sonia Mosseri 

When did you realize that you wanted to start your own denim company? 

Sonia: "I've always loved denim. My father is an Egyptian immigrant and he grew up with very little. He had this one pair of Levis jeans that he wore for like 10 years.  

Every time they ripped my Grandma would just patch them up. They were so broken in and had stains and patches, all to which he attributed a specific memory of his childhood (like an ink stain from chemistry class or a tear from climbing a fence). I was always intrigued by denim's unique ability to capture so many life moments.  He gifted those jeans to me when I was around 15 and that started my vintage jean collection. Years later I started painting on that vintage jean collection and that began the journey of Still Here." 

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today? 

Sonia: "Social media has allowed fashion brands to finally have some direct communication with their customer base. This is important because it allows us to better understand and interact with our customers. That, in turn, helps us to better make products that they react well to.”

What is your go-to outfit, the one that never fails? 

Sonia: ”Blue jeans, white turtleneck, brown belt, suede boots, gold hoops." 

What is your favorite part about being a designer? 

Sonia: “I love having the creative freedom to work with different fabrics and materials. My favorite part is seeing my craziest ideas come to life.” 

What is your favorite music genera?

Sonia: “Early 200’s Indie” 

You guys are husband and wife. How do you balance work and relationship to maintain a healthy marriage and business? 

Sonia: “Maurice and I naturally work really well together. We've been together for as long as I can remember and our personalities and styles of working have shaped around each other. We are both really into brand-building and have the same vision for Still Here so in that way we trust each other's judgement. We both deal in different areas of the business on a daily basis so that helps in not stepping on each other's toes too often. To balance our relationship we do our best to separate work from leisure. We bond over building Still Here and business in general but also respect that there's a time and a place for work and do our best to not stress each other out. Still Here has been our baby for years but we now have a daughter so that's an exciting new stage.  

What is your inspiration on fits, styles, and colors? 

Sonia: “My inspiration is mostly true vintage denim. 

Our fits are all vintage inspired silhouettes, whether its a super hi-rise jean or mid-rise jean.  The Tate is our go-to high waisted, button fly crop jeans that goes well with everything. The Childhood is more of an anti-fit, it sits higher on the waist and the legs and a bit wider- it's inspired by the simplicity of throwing on your jeans as a child (before fits and washes mattered) 

Our washes are based on colors  that  resonates with me as really classic. We play a lot with our current fabrics testing whatever is possible.  I'll see a construction worker on the subway in old jeans and try to replicate that wash for months. The wash names are pretty straight forward and kind of give it away- Vintage Blue, Classic Blue, Washed Black, Rust, Indigo Indigo etc.” 



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